Begone Shower Wall Mold!

We love our showers and tubs, but we hate the mold and soap scum build up on the grout on our tiled shower and tub walls ...


Begone Shower Wall Mold.jpg

Tiled walls are beautiful, don’t get me wrong! However, the grout can discolor over time from the residue of all our favorite bath soaps, washes, scrubs, shampoos, conditioners…


Solid Surfaces materials, of which there are many, are an excellent option for those wet, steamy areas.


Solid Surface materials are nonporous, antibacterial, 100% acrylic products. Soap films can be wiped away in minutes, leaving no residue behind to discolor or mold.


A malleable product, solid surface materials can be transformed into shower pans, wet walls, niches or corner shelving to create a maintenance-free bathroom! And yes, if you love the look of tile, we can make that too!