Solid Surface Countertops

Solid surface countertops, such as corian countertops, are fairly common. When a kitchen remodel is about to be embarked on, most homeowners will want to swap out their current countertop with something more attractive and durable. Solid surface ones are great for a number of reasons. They work well whether you want to use the material for just as single section or have an entire countertop made of the substances.


Hanstone Quartz  in Pewter

Hanstone Quartz in Pewter


Most of the time, these countertops will be made out of a blend of materials. Plastic and acrylic are typical. The good thing about these blends is that it makes the entire surface non-porous. These are materials that will not develop stains. That means if something gets spilled on the counter, which is likely to happen eventually, you will not have to worry about the liquid seeping into the surface. This also makes it less likely bacteria and other substances will build up within your kitchen.


Solid surface encompasses many unique varieties such as corian countertops. However, a growing popular one is stainless steel. You have likely seen commercial restaurants utilize stainless steel in their kitchens, and now you can get it for your own. Stainless steel is heat resistant, and for some extra flair, you can also choose to get stainless steel as the material for your backsplash.


While there are many factors that should be weighed for your ultimate decision, one of the biggest considerations is price. When it comes to the variety of materials you can get for your countertop, solid surface ones are often more affordable than others. A contractor can look at your kitchen as a whole and how many square feet the countertop needs to encompass. You will be provided with an estimate before the installation begins.


Many different types of kitchens can benefit from corian countertops. Consider them the next time you have a kitchen remodel on the horizon.