Using Granite to Make a Statement in Your Business

A positive first impression can be crucial to projecting an image of a successful business. Granite countertops, desks, and conference tables can make a statement with clients and give employees a sense of workplace pride. Natural stone is elegant and sophisticated. Integrating it in particular areas in a commercial space can enhance the aesthetic and hold up to constant use.


Using Granite to Make a Statement in Your Business.png


Long relegated to residential kitchens and bathrooms or spa retreats, businesses are finding ways to add granite to their office environment to upgrade the way their firm’s perception. The reception area is the is an ideal place to help make a strong first impression. Adding granite to door frames and entryways can be surprisingly affordable as small amounts of stone are needed.


Incorporating natural stone into areas where clients spend their time can create a favorable impression.


From granite countertops in the reception area to an accent wall with artwork or as a backdrop for the corporate logo, granite can enhance the atmosphere. Stone can add interest to an otherwise mundane space when combined as part of an inlay. In employee areas such as break rooms and washrooms, they are durable as well as stain and odor resistant.


Add a sense of occasion to conference and meeting rooms. Discussions of great significance can take place in these areas. Transform the table into a centerpiece with the addition of granite. Custom designs can incorporate outlets, projectors, microphone and other Audio/Video features. Boost the design quotient of a basic tabletop with customized edges.


Engineered granite or overlays can reduce the cost without sacrificing style. The surface may be stronger than if slabs or wood finishes were used. Damage from water, heat or scratches occur less on these surfaces and require less labor to install as demolition of an existing wall or floor is unnecessary.


Granite countertops in bars, restaurants and hotels are used to enhance the ambiance and offer a beautiful yet durable space. Professionals can assist business owners in choosing the right color and type of stone to enhance their business image and encourage a powerful first impression.