What Makes Quartz Great for Bathroom Remodeling

The use of natural stone is not a new concept to the home renovation market. Granite countertops have taken over kitchens and bathrooms for years. However, the beautiful intrigue of quartz has only recently become more popular, and for good reason. If you’re looking into bathroom remodeling for your home, quartz can be a serious contender for both its look and function.


What Makes Quartz Great for Bathroom Remodeling.jpg


If you’re hoping to create your own master suite oasis in your bedroom, quartz is a stunning choice. It’s highly durable, given its stone quality and ability to stand tough against heavy foot traffic and any potential water leakage after use of the shower or bath. It comes in a variety of colors and patterns, and the classic white quartz with heavy veining throughout creates a chic, sophisticated atmosphere that certainly elevates the class of your master bathroom.


Polished quartz tiles have a knack for leaving a lasting impression as well with its high sheen style and glossy tone. It’s easier to maintain than basic laminate or tiles, with the high gloss application keeping the quartz stone protected and keeping its luxurious look from becoming dull or stale.


Bathroom remodeling is  a perfect time to install quartz in the home, bringing your master suite to life and giving you and your family the opportunity to discover its beneficial properties. After all, once you see quartz in one area of the home, you’re likely going to want to see it in other spaces like the kitchen and front entryway as well.


Amplify your space tenfold by choosing quartz as your framework for special areas of the home, especially when bathroom remodeling is your first project on the list. Its high-end, fashionable appearance will make your space feel decadent and fresh, while the nearly indestructible natural stone material can last for years without ever becoming tarnished or dated. Once the lovely master suite has been completed, you’ll be shocked how quickly you’ll be wanting to add quartz all around your home.