Granite Countertops: Selecting Your Style

Granite is the most sought after countertop material among homeowners. Its classic aesthetics are irresistible to most, but its wide variety of colors and styles make it difficult to select the right piece of stone. If you’re remodeling your kitchen you may be wondering, what style or colors will complement your design. At The Edge Countertops, we’ve pulled together a list of some of today’s most popular granite countertop styles.


Photo courtesy of  HGTV

Photo courtesy of HGTV


Earth Tones

Many types of brown, beige or seafoam green granite carry warm neutral undertones for an earthy look. For maximum appeal, consider pairing an earthy granite countertop with painted cabinets in neutral tones. Another option is to install cabinets in soft shades of wood with matte finished hardware. Earth toned granite countertop styles can be a great choice for a natural, understated kitchen.


Dark Tones

Black granite is one of the most versatile and eye catching options available. This type of granite can easily fit into an entire range of décor styles – everything from clean and modern to warm and rustic. If you choose black granite for your countertops, you may wish to pair it with vivid painted cabinets in a variety of colors, or with stained wood cabinets for authentic charm.


Jeweled Shades

Do you want your kitchen to make a big, beautiful statement? If so, granite countertops in a jeweled shade such as red or green could be right for you. These countertops tend to be bold and striking, which means that it is best to pair them with muted cabinets in order to avoid visual overload. Granites such as Typhoon Bordeaux may help pull your décor together by vividly bringing out the undertones in your cabinets or flooring.


Beautifying Your Kitchen

When you set out to construct or remodel a kitchen, it is important that you choose a beautiful countertop and pair it with the right cabinets. Whatever your needs, you should be able to find granite countertop styles that will perfectly fit your taste and blend with your décor. For help finding a match contact our team at The Edge Countertops. We have access to hundreds of granite stones that you can browse through to find the best match for your kitchen.