4 Reasons to Choose Quartzite Countertops

Your kitchen is the heart of your home and as a spot where you cook, spend time with your family and probably even entertain friends, you want it to be both functional and beautiful. As you build or remodel this space, your countertops are probably at the front of your mind. Before choosing your material, consider these reasons to purchase quartzite countertops.

Caesarstone  Quartz in Turbine Grey

Caesarstone Quartz in Turbine Grey


1. Durability

Chopping vegetables, placing hot pots and pans on the counter and a number of other kitchen activities can wreak havoc on your counters if they aren’t strong enough to handle the job. Quartzite is extremely durable — even harder than granite — making it a better choice if you cook often. While you should still use a cutting board to avoid nicks and scrapes, quartzite will withstand any heat very well, making your counters less likely to warp.


2. Appearance

Quartzite countertops are simply gorgeous. The shades of white and gray look stunningly elegant in traditional and modern kitchens alike. In some cases, iron oxide or other minerals can cause the material to take on shades of red, pink, green, orange, blue or yellow. It is truly a stone with natural beauty. Keep in mind that quartzite is manufactured into uniform pieces and so will not have quite as much character as natural granite.


3. Maintenance Requirements

As with granite and marble, quartzite requires some maintenance. When installing the countertops, proper sealing will protect against stains. You should also re-seal the counters at least once per year. By doing this and wiping up spills immediately, you can greatly increase the lifespan of your counters.


4. The Price Comparison

When it comes to choosing between quartzite and granite, price probably won’t be your deciding factor. Each material costs about $60 per square foot on average, although granite it typically slightly less expensive.

Doing so prevents costly mistakes that could leave you shelling out more money for repairs or replacement. To learn more, click here for a free quote.