4 Benefits of Woodworked Built-In Shelves

Built-in storage features are not only helpful ways to maximize the use of space in your home, but they offer more layers to your home’s interior design. At The Edge Countertops, we not only specialize in stone applications, but we have a talented carpentry team that can provide beautiful woodworked creations for the home, including built-in storage. If you’re considering built-ins, here are some places you can make room for added storage:


Photo courtesy of  tomeduarte.com

Photo courtesy of tomeduarte.com



A built-in headboard can act as a place to keep your items as well as an area to display decor, if it’s functionally designed to include shelves. You can customize your headboard with different finishes, patterns or material to fit your room’s overall style, while still providing functionality.



Have space under your stairs? This space can be reconstructed in many different ways. Shelving or cabinets can be added to this area to hold books, frames or other ornaments. More modern designs have transformed these spaces into mudrooms and offices. With the right help and a little imagination this space can be designed to fit your storage needs.



Cabinets and shelving are useful storage features that can be suitable in any room of your home. Though most commonly found in the kitchen, custom cabinets can serve purpose in many different rooms like the garage for storing away your tools, playrooms for organizing toys or laundry rooms for holding products. The end of a hallway is also a great place to have custom built-in shelving or cabinets installed not only for storage, but to display home accents as well.



Rather than covering your walls with shelves and cabinets, installing floor to ceiling built-in shelving on just one wall will help save space. In doing so, you can creatively plan out the layout of your floor to ceiling unit, customizing where shelves, cabinets and cubbies will go to fit your needs. At The Edge we can offer design ideas like integrating a TV stand for a living room unit as well as the installation to give you the built-in shelving you need.


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