How To Care For Marble

Natural stone can add beauty and elegance to any room in your home, from the countertops in the kitchen and baths to a fireplace in the living room. Proper marble care can protect your investment and extend its life. Here are some tips for keeping your surfaces looking their best.

Photo courtesy of  Coco Kelley

Photo courtesy of Coco Kelley


Clean Up Spills Immediately

While marble stone seems solid, it is actually porous and susceptible to stains. Liquids, dirt and other products can easily seep into the marble, causing permanent damage. The solution is simple: when there is a spill, wipe it up straightaway. Acidic substances like wine, tomato juice and even cleaning products can dull the surface, leading to even more staining.


Use Proper Cleaning Solutions

When it comes time to cleaning your counters or fireplace surround, use a cleaner made specifically for marble care. While mild soap will not damage the stone, repeated use can leave a dull film. Harsh cleaning products that work well on laminate, for example, can cause permanent damage. The chemicals can etch the surface and even degrade the sealant.


Also, be sure to use only soft cloths or sponges when cleaning up. If the area has been stained, or if it becomes etched, you’ll need to call a professional to re-polish the surface for you.


Protect the Surface

Proper marble stone maintenance can keep it looking new. Use products intended for it, because they are made to enhance the shine and provide protection. A sealer is especially helpful if you have a lot of spills because it slows down the natural absorption rate. In addition, it keeps the liquid from seeping deep into the counter, so stains can be removed more easily. The protectant can be used weekly to maintain the finish.


With proper marble care, your surfaces can continue to look gorgeous. Keep your counters and fireplace in their best shape by quickly taking care of spills, using cleaning products made for the stone, and by regularly sealing them.

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