Finding Durable Stone Countertops

The surfaces in your kitchen get a lot of use every day and because of their consistent use, a growing trend in kitchen design and remodels are durable and beautiful stone countertops. With the right natural stone, you’ll find both strong and aesthetically appealing kitchen countertops that can enhance the appearance and functionality of your home kitchen.


Photo courtesy of  Coco Kelley

Photo courtesy of Coco Kelley


Natural stone is highly durable, but there are specific varieties that stand up better as countertops and cutting boards. Marble and granite are great materials for surfaces on which you will be slicing, dicing and chopping. You don’t want your knives to scratch or chip your surfaces and while wood countertops will show all the wear and tear from years of use, stone countertops are much stronger and can last the lifetime of your kitchen.


Another great thing about selecting kitchen countertops made of stone is that you can choose the exact slab you want installed in your home. If you see a stone slab with beautiful colors or swirl pattern that you like, you can choose to have it cut and fit for your island or countertops. There are also no grout lines for crumbs to get lost in or to dull and turn gray with age. Stone countertops also provide a smooth surface that is unaffected by heat.


Butcher block countertops or cutting boards will soak up splashes of water, holding in the moisture while stone countertops and boards can be easily wiped down. Stone countertops are also relatively low maintenance. Your kitchen countertops can be easily cleaned if you wipe up spills as they occur and reapply sealant as needed. If your surfaces do end up cracked, chipped or scratched, you can generally have them fixed by a stone restorer on site. You can also remove tough stains with a poultice. You will love your kitchen even more if you have durable and unique natural stone countertop surfaces. Stone in your kitchen not only increases the beauty of the space, but it can also add value to your home!


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