Granite Countertops: Slab Vs. Prefab

The appeal of granite has been proven by its longevity and enduring popularity. Many homeowners have or wish to have granite countertops, but if you are close to making the jump on this, you may be overwhelmed by the number of choices available. In addition to all the colors and textures, you will find that there are several forms the material comes in. The two most prevalent are slab and prefabricated. Custom granite countertops may be best for people who need counters fitted to specific measurements, whereas prefabricated granite countertops are a less expensive option that typically cannot be customized.


Granite Countertops Slab vs Prefab.png


Benefits of Custom Slabs

Custom granite countertops are the best option for any homeowner who values the uniqueness of granite. These are made of real granite and can be cut to fit the unique dimensions of a kitchen. This is advantageous for homeowners whose kitchens, or other areas where they plan to add granite, do not conform to the standard measurements prefab counters are usually made of. This option also involves more options for customization. Buyers can typically choose the pattern and texture they prefer, but prefab generally does not offer this.


When Prefab Might Be Right

Prefabricated granite countertops are often less expensive alternative to custom pieces. Though they usually look and feel identical to their custom counterparts, they are mass produced in a relatively narrow range of dimensions, so they are only an option for buyers whose homes fit those measurements. Since they are prefabricated, there are also no options for customization.


Though they are different, both custom granite countertops and prefabricated granite countertops are likely to be a good investment for your home, and they are sure to look beautiful. If you are considering the addition of granite in your kitchen, bathroom, or other area, a countertop expert, like ourselves at The Edge Countertops can help you determine the best option and complete a professional installation. For more information about our granite countertop options, call us today or click here for a free quote.