Granite Countertops: The Do's and Don'ts

When you opt for a granite countertop, you’re investing in a beautiful and durable piece of stone that will last you for years, that is only if you care for it properly. Proper granite countertop maintenance is crucial to the lifespan of your natural stone, which is why we’ve provided the following granite countertop maintenance do’s & don’ts:


Photo courtesy of  Coco Kelley

Photo courtesy of Coco Kelley


Don’t Use Acidic Cleaning Liquids or Sprays

Regularly cleaning your granite countertops is important, but the types of products you use is key to maintaining its appearance and lifespan. Cleaners that contain acid, vinegar, bleach or ammonia should never be used to clean granite as they’re too strong and can damage the seal and stone.


Do Have Your Granite Sealed

What makes this stone so durable has a lot to do with sealants. A sealant is used on granite stone to protect against stains, scratches and to make it non-porous. However, without the proper seal or even a damaged seal your granite is at risk. To check if your natural stone sealant is damaged add a few drops of water to the countertop. If the water beads up, your seal is working, however if the water soaks into the pores of your granite you’ll need to reseal your countertop. We recommend re-sealing your natural stone once a year.


Don’t Leave Spills

Allowing spills to sit on your countertop can damage granite by leaving dark stains, which will affect the aesthetics of your counter and diminish its lifespan, especially if your counter isn’t properly sealed.


Do Use Mild Soap To Clean Granite

To clean your granite countertops simply use a soft cloth, warm water and a mild dish soap, preferably one that is phosphate-free.


By following these simple do’s and don’ts you’ll extend the life of your granite and avoid stains and scratches. If you’re ready to invest in a beautiful granite countertop for either your kitchen or bathroom, The Edge Countertops can help you select the perfect stone. Browse through our granite stone product gallery and call or click here for a free quote!