Home Bar Countertop Options

From basement bars to wet bars to tiki bars and more, having your own bar space at home is a great way to entertain guests and enjoy some drinks yourself. When it comes to planning the design and installation, it’s essential you select the best countertop that will not only look good, but stand up against frequent use. Here are some great bar top options that you should consider for your home.


Photo courtesy of  HGTV

Photo courtesy of HGTV


Granite bar countertops come in many patterns, and colors. Granite stone, while it is an extremely popular choice, will never appear generic because of the wide variety of style options. This stone is also extremely durable and well resistant to scratches and chips and can withstand hot temperatures. However, granite for your bar countertop can be on the more expensive side. Also keep in mind that if you go with a light color, it can stain. Granite does require the right type of maintenance to keep it looking good.


A less expensive option is a laminate bar countertop. Laminate is made of a type of plastic that is glued to a strong and durable piece of plywood. Laminate countertop surfaces can last a while if cared for properly, and you can get them in a variety of patterns and colors. The edges can additionally be finished many different ways to match your style. While laminate is a great alternative cost-wise, there are other more durable and aesthetically pleasing options you can use for your bar. 


Marble is another natural stone option for bar countertops that comes in beautiful colors as well. It has all of the cons that come with granite, and it is additionally more fragile. It can stain quite easily and it is more likely to crack than granite. We don’t recommend marble for a bar countertop due to its fragility, however if you’re dead set on the stone, we suggest a lot of maintenance and care to keep the countertop protected.


Another material that you can consider for your bar countertop is wood.  Wood is a classic when it comes to bar countertop surfaces, and it is actually quite affordable. It comes with design flexibility as well; just remember that it has to be sealed properly to be protected from moisture.


Depending  on your style and budget one of these countertop choices is sure to fit the bill. For more information about our countertop services and stone options at The Edge Countertops, call us today at 203-237-8585.